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MAC III Profile

The MAC III Profile offers a perfect balance between a superior feature list and ultimate performance. This high-output profile spot combines a new 1500 watt lamp technology with superb optical efficiency, a new design and great feel to take moving head performance to a higher level.


Vari-Lite VL3500 (Spot)

The VARI*LITE® VL3500™ Spot luminaire maintains the same high standards for imagery, beam control, color and brightness set by the original VARI*LITE Series 3000™ Spot luminaires, but with the added feature of a four-blade shutter mechanism that allows the blades to be operated independently or in unison on two planes for a clear and crisp image.


Vari-Lite VL 3500 (Wash)

The VL3500™ Wash luminaire is the newest member of the VARI*LITE® Series 3000™ family of luminaires. With an output that exceeds 50,000 lumens, as well as varied new options for color and beam control, this fixture will soon be the standard by which all wash lights are measured.


MAC 2000 Profile II (Spot)

The MAC 2000 Profile is a high performance luminaire with two rotating gobo wheels, full CMY color mixing, effect wheel and a combined color and gobo wheel.


MAC 2000 (Wash)

The MAC 2000 Wash is the industry’s wash light of choice. It is exceptionally powerful with a clean, even, soft-edged beam, a motorized zoom and rich CMY color mixing supplemented with two color wheels.


MAC 700 Profile (Spot)

The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture with an output and optical precision beyond its peers. It combines a full CMY color mixing system with an 8 position color wheel and a gobo animation system for dramatic projection effects. It also features an iris, fixed gobos, rotating gobos and zoom system.


MAC 700 (Wash)

The MAC 700 Wash is an exceptionally powerful wash light with a clean, even, soft-edged beam, a motorized zoom, indexible beamshaper and rich CMY color mixing.


MAC 575 Krypton

The MAC 575 Krypton combines super efficient optics for brighter output with outstanding gobos and colors, together with MAC’s market-proven, modular construction. It is suited for stages, venues or any space that demands reliable, low-maintenance and no-nonsense performance.


Mac 250 Krypton

The MAC 250 Krypton is a high performance profile with a separate gobo and color wheel, an achromatic lens system and a rotating prism.



Martin Stage Bar 54

The new Stagebar 54 is a compact, powerful LED luminaire with a comprehensive color range, all-in-one simplicity and a tough temperament for the touring market. It functions as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages.



PALCO 5 has been fitted with a new very powerful LED model (the k 2), thanks to which, compared to the other SGM LED LINE models, it is able to ensure remarkable luminosity with decidedly limited energy consumption.

PALCO 5 is, therefore, an extremely specific fixture, when it’s necessary to illuminate large walls or cover longer distances.


PixelRange Pixel Par 90

PixelPar 90 is a RGB parcan featuring 90 high intensity K2 Luxeon LEDs. A lighting designer’s favourite, the PixelPar offers all the benefits of a traditional parcan, but allows additional usage creativity due to the long lasting LED light source and vast colour palette. Ideal for lighting stages, theatrical sets, television, architecture and structures in difficult locations. IP20 rated, UL approved product available, exceptional longevity and very low power consumption.


Pixel Range Micro W

PixelLine Micro W is a RGBA micro batten featuring 22 high intensity K2 Luxeon LEDs. Offering exceptional colour washing capabilities, it is ideal for lighting stages, backdrops, sets, cycs and structures. The vast LED colour palette can create pretty pastels or deep saturated hues. IP20 rated, outstanding longevity, very low power consumption and can be floor or truss mounted.

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