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Sony HDC-1500

The HDC1500R is the multi-format HD studio camera that offers a broad choice of interlace and progressive formats, by incorporating two key devices. Newly developed CCD imager and DSP LSI, the camera system can offer ultimated picture performance in a variety of scanning modes, and enhanced operational flexibilty. The two types of camera control system can be offered. One is where the CNU-700 Camera Command Network Unit is at the center of the configuration, while the other makes use of the Ethernet functionality of the systems – a new and powerful feature that also provides a path to the future. Both control systems allow communication between all the devices in the configuration, including cameras, camera control units, remote controllers By using the Studio build-up kit (HDLA series), the camera can be used with large box lens for enhanced operational flexibilities. The studio build-up kit is designed in totally unique interlocking mechanism which does not require lens bayonet mount for connecting the camera head and the lens.


Sony DXC-D50

The DXC-D50/D50WS is the next-generation in the DXC-series of cameras, designed for even greater picture quality and operational convenience. The D50 features the new high-performance Power HAD™ EX CCD sensor and precise 12-bit A/D conversion built into a highly sophisticated LSI. The result is superior picture quality, high sensitivity, plus low noise and smear characteristics over previous models. A variety of automatic functions have also been included, allowing easy and convenient operation in any shooting scenario.


Sony DXC-D35WS

The Sony DXC-D35WS is a 16:9 and 4:3 switchable aspect ratio video camera designed as the top-end model for professionals. Incorporating Sony’s latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology based on the TrueEyeTM Process, the DXC-D35WS realizes the faithful color reproduction never experienced with conventional analog and digital cameras. On top of that, drastic smear reduction and high sensitivity achieved by the newly developed Power HAD WS CCD allows for more shooting opportunities, while maintaining the high picture quality.

We carry both Beta SP and Digital-S Dockable Backs for the D35WS, which can be used for ENG / Handheld Applications.


Canon XL H1 HD Camcorder

The XL H1 HD camcorder offers a broad range of capabilities, emulating those of cameras that are significantly more expensive. They include the “Professional JackPack” which allows the user to send out an uncompressed HD signal (through the HD-SDI terminal), input and output SMPTE time code and receive a Genlock signal. Image capture through Genuine Canon optics, which rank among the very best in the world, interchangeable lenses and the “open architecture” of Canon’s XL series of camcorders gives the XL H1 superb creative flexibility.


Sony PDR100

The Sony Digital Video Camcorder combines the true ability of broadcast quality mini DV format with an interchangeable lens system, delivering the finest image quality with unprecedented flexibility, for either full motion videos or still images.


Camera Tripods

  • Vinten 11
  • Vinten 12
  • Vinten 22
  • Sachtler 20
  • Sachtler 25

ENG Accessories

  • Anton Bauer Batteries Logic Series
  • Anton Bauer Ultra Light
  • Dockable BetaSP Sony PVV-3

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