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DT Videolabs Playback Pro Plus and Record Pro Plus/Mac Pro 8-Core System

PlaybackPro Plus is a fully modern Macintosh application that takes advantage of advances in software stability and graphics capabilities. Using one output as the operator interface, it sends clean video to the secondary video output, utilizing the graphics card for hardware acceleration with complete control over size, aspect ratio, and levels. Since it provides much greater flexibility in both the field and studio, it is intended to replace hardware DDRs (digital disk recorders), DVD players, and video tape machines.

While the digital revolution has changed the way video is edited, its effects haven’t been truly felt in the live production industry, until now. We like to call it non-linear playback. PlaybackPro leads the way with a simple but powerful interface, that allows flexibility and control over the playback of video content. PlaybackPro is completely non-destructive to original video files, allowing the same file to be referenced multiple times with separate in and out points, geometry, and levels. All effects are rendered on-the-fly. RecordPro 1.1 is a part of the PlaybackPro Collection and allows video to be recorded from a standard capture device such as a DV deck (or camera) with firewire or a capture card. Capture device settings can be setup once and saved for later use.


Grass Valley Turbo iDDR

The Turbo™ iDDR is a new class of VTR replacement that leverages the digital storage, networking, and media-management capabilities of Grass Valley’s Emmy® award-winning Profile® video servers. The Turbo system fits right into your existing environment, letting you load content as audio or video, or as files from removable media. It can exchange content at high speeds over a network with desktop applications—and supports leading automation systems. And its output channels support standard- or high-definition content.


Windows Media Encoder and Flash Live Media Encoder / “Ultra Crysis” PC Based Record System  

Sony DSR-2000P DVCAM Editor

The ideal deck for post, production and broadcast, the DSR2000P DVCAM PALformat editing recorder is designed with exceptional editing capabilities, multi-format playback compatibilities and professional high-quality images. It is popular for use in broadcast and professional production in a wide range of editing system configurations. In addition, The DSR-2000P also has the ability to perform Double-Scan Playback, helping to restore both video and audio of misaligned tape information.


Sony DSR-45 Digital Videocassette Recorder

The DSR-45* is a new versatile DVCAM digital video recorder that is perhaps the best in its class. Place the DSR-45 in a small to medium sized production house to create an ideal system for both nonlinear editing and linear A/B roll editing as a source feeder. Whether editing weddings, corporate training videos or cable television programs, the DSR-45 gets the job done in a timely manner with professional results. Its i.LINK™ interface allows seamless integration into compatible DV-based editing suites. In addition, analog component connectors allow the unit to accept and transfer high-quality video and audio. For external control, the DSR-45 comes standard with RS-422A and RS-232C interfaces. Equipped with a 2-inch built-in LCD, the DSR-45 displays information including; audio level, system status, and the working image as they are needed. The DSR-45 is the videocassette recorder of choice for small to medium-sized production houses.


VTR Decks

  • Sony PVW 2800 — Beta SP Recorder / Editor
  • Sony PVW 2600 — Beta SP Player
  • Sony UVW 1800 — Beta SP Recorder / Editor
  • Sony DVW-A500 — Digital Betacam Studio Play/Rec
  • Sony VCR — Player/Recorder

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