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High Resolution Switching & Routing

Barco FSN-150

The FSN series is a new high-resolution production switcher that combines advanced video switching functionality with the power and flexibility of Barco image processing — in a streamlined multi-format production package that’s modular, easy to operate, and easy on your budget.Native HD or SD operation, cross-conversion, frame synchronization, and selectable native output formats (480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i).

Unprecedented input and output flexibility, using the power of Barco’s Athena scalers. The system’s architecture enables you to install up to five dual-channel universal input cards, and up to two dual-channel universal output cards. By seamlessly integrating analog, digital, and computer resolutions (up to UXGA or 1920×1080) into your workflow, the FSN series provides serious input and output power—at your fingertips.

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The Encore Presentation System (HD Capable)T

The Encore Presentation System is the most advanced video processing and presentation control system on the market today. Encore’s modular, scaleable architecture allows the system to support a wide variety of show configurations. The system can efficiently support from 1-32 screens with any combination of independent display or seamless wide-screen display elements.


Ross Crossover 16 HD Switcher

Key Features

  • 16 Source Buttons
  • 12 External Inputs
  • 10 Input Broadcast Quality Multi-Viewer
  • 6 Internally Generated Sources
  • 3 Keyers
  • 2 2D DVEs
  • 4 Frame Syncs with Up / Down Conversion
  • Dual Animation Stores with Dedicated Alpha
  • Media Transitions
  • Superb UltraChrome™ Chroma Keyer
  • Circle Wipes and Pattern Rotation
  • Color Wash Generator
  • Sync Generator with 3 Independent Outputs
  • True “Next Transition” Operation
  • 100 Event Memory System with MemoryAI™


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Barco ScreenPro Plus 1603

  • 16 Universal Inputs
  • 3-Screen Matrix
  • 8 LCD Monitors
  • Vista Controller


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Barco ScreenPro

  • 8 Universal Inputs
  • 2 LCD Monitors


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Barco BlendPro

Widescreen image processor that creates a seamless wide-screen display from 4 high-resolution video sources on up to 4 projectors.

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Barco ScreenPRO II

ScreenPRO II uses four image layers (Unscaled Background, up to two scaled PIPs or Keys, and an unscaled Downstream Key) to produce sophisticated effects, including transitioning backgrounds, transitioning PIPs, wipes, dissolves and keys.

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The ScreenMasterTM consoles, designed for the VFC-2200 offer several enhancements to the VFC-2200 operation, such as:

  • Association of each router input with a specific VFC input file
  • VCF-2200 Configuration directly from the console
  • Virtually any type of input accepted
  • Forced file loading to prevent similar sources from loading the wrong VFC file
  • A “Copy Down” feature to allow the user to set up a single VFC and copy these settings to the other VFC inputs in the ScreenMaster’ II console
  • PIP Capabilities using any combination of sources and any PIP window size
  • Infinitely variable Transition Styles

Extron 12 x 8 RGBS Matrix Switcher / Router

The Crosspoint 128 is a 12 input / 8 output Matrix Switcher, which allow any of the inputs to be routed to any of the outputs, or multiple outputs, at any time. It is used in conjunction with our Dual Screen Folsom Rack and Screenmaster’ II Control Console.

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Component Video Systems


Component Video Rack

Sony DFS 700 Component Video Switcher with:

  • 6 Sony 8044 8″ Color Video Monitors
  • Sony DX-7 Camera Control Units
  • Sierra Downstream Keyer
  • Color Bar/Test Pattern Generator
  • Front/Rear Patch Bay
  • Component Waveform and Vectorscope
  • Sierra 16X16 Router
  • Sony DSC 1024

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GrassValley 110 CV Component Video Switcher with:

  • 8 Configurable Inputs
  • RGBS or Component Outputs
  • 13″ RGB High Re Color Program Monitor
  • 6 Sony 8040 8″ Color Video Monitors
  • Sony M-7 Camera Control Units
  • Sierra Downstream Keyer
  • Color Bar/Test Pattern Generator
  • Front/Rear Patch Bay
  • Component Waveform and Vectorscope
  • Pre-Wired – Sets Up in Minutes

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